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Wall of the House Where New Room Attaches


sunroomsLeft Wall Projection




Right Wall Projection













Measure from Slab or Wood Deck to the Bottom of the Roof Rafter
overhang to get your Back Wall Attachment Height.

Measure the Left Wall starting at the House Wall at a 90 degree angle
from the House Wall & Measure the Right Wall starting at a 90 degree
from the House Wall to the front wall

Measure the Front Wall of the Room forming a
90 degree angle at the Left Wall & Right wall.

Standard Attachment Height to the House Wall is 8’ (96”) with the
Minimum of 7’6” and the Maximum Attachment Height of 12’ (144’)

The Roof Pitch Minimum is 3/8” a foot, with a recommended Pitch of
a Minimum of ½” a foot.  Example: A 12’ Projection with a 8’ (96”)
Attachment Height Should have a 7’6” front Wall Height or ½” a Foot.

Check the Installation Manual at Install Manual for more Detailed
Information on Installation Measurements & Layouts

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